Local Internet Marketing GoldMine Opens Virginia Beach Location

If you are a small business in the Virginia Beach area and need help with your search engine marketing there is a new player in town.

Local Internet Marketing GoldMine is hitting the Virginia Beach market offering small business owners affordable local search engine marketing and website design solutions.

Search Engine Marketing in Virginia Beach

As a small business owner you need to find affordable Internet Marketing solutions to help you replace the almost dead Yellow Pages. The key to attracting new customers in the Virginia Beach area is getting your message in front of more people by using powerful and locally focused search engine positioning.

The key is understanding who your target market is, what keywords they are typing into Google and appearing high in the Google local search results. This requires a comprehensive local marketing strategy that combines your search engine optimized website with a well designed local business listing.

You need a locally focused yet affordable website design first!

The new Google local has made it more important than ever to have a website. The key is to have a website that uses search engine optimization to target the best keywords. The best keywords are the ones your best prospects are typing into the search engines to find your type of business.

Way too many website designers know nothing about search engine marketing and design websites that have no chance of getting top Google rankings. This leads to thousands of wasted dollars and months of frustration wondering why your website is not bringing in new customers.

Search Engine optimization is our top priority!

We believe in getting it right the first time! Before we build a single web page for you, we do intensive keyword research and use a set of rules to ensure that your website is designed to dominate Google from day one. A poorly designed website usually requires a redesign and can cost you more money and months of wasted time. Just building a website and submitting it to Google means nothing if it is not optimized for the search engines first!

The New Google Place Search and your local business listing.

Google launched their new local search platform launched in October 2010 and has left many small businesses and local internet marketers scrambling. While they are still scrambling to figure out how to adapt to these new changes our 15 year Search Engine Marketing expert has already taken action and will help you dominate your local search rankings using techniques that conform to the new Google Place Search.

Over 15 years of Search Engine Marketing experience!

Our experts have been helping businesses dominate the local search engine rankings for a long time and we know what works! Beware of Internet Marketing wannabes with several months experience that are guaranteeing you top rankings in Google. Too many small business owners have already fallen victim to these people making false claims and taking your money and not delivering.

Contact our Virginia Beach office today!

If you are a small business in the Virginia Beach area and want to get straight information about your business and how you can get top rankings in the search engines contact us for a Free consultation and website analysis. We will look at your current Internet presence and tell you exactly what needs to be done to attract more customers.

Contact Russ Roland in Virginia Beach at 757-236-3575 or Go to Local Internet Marketing Goldmine in Virginia Beach and fill out the simple form.

Local Search Engine Marketing does not have to cost a fortune, but you need to get started today!