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phoenix seo companyIf you are a small business in the Phoenix Arizona area you probably already realize that you need to have an online presence to attract more customers.

Finding a Phoenix SEO Company that can get you the results you need can be very frustrating. The problem for most small businesses is they don’t understand how local SEO works and can easily be scammed by some fast talking salesperson promising the latest greatest secret weapon to getting top rankings in Google.

Understanding how local search marketing works and how it fits your business is the first step to success online. Let’s talk about the local SEO Phoenix market for a minute.

1. Phoenix is one of the largest cities in the nation and has a very large metropolitan market. The valley of the sun gives small business owners a huge target area to market their products and services.

2. Depending on your industry you will probably be marketing to people in a wide area. The distance from Avondale to Queen Creek is huge. Unless you are a neighborhood business you need to localize your search area to the different cities surrounding Phoenix. This means you musr employ local SEO to more cities than just Phoenix.

3. There is a lot of competition for customers in the Phoenix metro area but most small businesses are not using the Internet effectively. This gives you a huge opportunity to get top rankings for the best keywords and grow your business.

Choosing a Local Phoenix SEO Company gives you an edge!

There are thousands of SEO companies all around the world offering you local SEO in Phoenix. The problem is… they may not understand the dynamics of the Phoenix metro area and it may cost you in the long run. If you are the type of person that likes to meet face to face you will not be able to do that if your SEO company is in India or Los Angeles.

Here is a local Phoenix SEO Company that delivers!

Local Internet Marketing Goldmine is based in Phoenix and works with small businesses to help you not only reach more customers using local Internet marketing but also understand how it works. Too many Phoenix SEO Companies want to keep you in the dark about how they do things. This means you have no idea whether they are using ethical and Google compliant techniques.

Let’s talk about local SEO first!

Contact us and let’s take a good look at what you are currently doing and what you need to do to get top Google rankings for the best keywords. We always do a Free SEO analysis before we discuss cost.  Find out where you stand, what keywords you should be targeting, and how your online competition stacks up. Once you know this we can look at what needs to be done and how much you should expect to pay. You will be pleasantly surprised to see that we are a Phoenix SEO Company that offers extremely affordable local SEO rates.

Please read a recent post about local SEO Phoenix on my Local Internet Marketing blog.

Contact us today and get your Phoenix business on top of Google!

If you would like to learn more about how to get top Google rankings for the right keywords give Jeffrey Taylor a call. My Phoenix SEO Company is Local Goldmine and my direct number is 602-538-5661.  Click the link if you would like to get a  Free Phoenix SEO Analysis and simply fill out the form. We will contact you and give you straight answers about your local Phoenix online presence.