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Are you ready to change your body and mind using the power of pilates?

If you are in the Westport CT area and want to get your body in the best shape of your life, you need to check out Westport Pilates Studio and talk with Cait.

Westport Pilates Studio offers a fantastic workout facility that provides classes designed to tone your entire body.

With world class Pilates instructors they offer you group pilates classes and private pilates sessions designed around the basics of Pilates (flexibility, a strong core, deep breathing and optimized posture).

They also concentrate on strength training, cardiovascular fitness, endurance, and achieving the optimum body shape as well as your personal fitness goals.

There is no single solution to maximizing physical fitness, and Westport Pilates Studio in Connecticut excels in customizing a fitness regimen tailored to the needs of the individual.

Westport Pilates specializes in personalized class formats as well as group class settings. At Westport Pilates, you’ll enjoy the rush of group sessions enhanced by the personal attention of individual training.

Their approach to achieving your ultimate level of fitness concentrates on muscle activation and promotes optimum metabolic health. Give your metabolism the boost it needs and sculpt your shape into the hard, balanced body you’ve always wanted.

Find out how you can start benefiting from the power of Pilates by going to Westport Pilates in Connecticut

What is Pilates?

Pilates is a powerful system of exercise originally developed by Joseph Pilates to rehabilitate prisoners of war in the late 1920’s. This type of exercise is now recognized as one the most effective methods to increase fitness levels, maintain strength, and maintain flexibility.

Pilates has been used for years by world class athletes such as golfers, boxers, dancers and gymnasts as a foundation for their peak strength needs. Over the last two decades it has become recognized by health and wellness professionals including orthopedic professionals and physical therapists as an excellent means of healing injuries and promoting spinal health.

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